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Prime Poultry Exporters (PPE), as one of the largest frozen chicken, beef, and pork distributor worldwide, acts as a liaison between importers worldwide and within Brazil. We do comply with international export laws, and we offer the best quality product, outstanding services, and the most competitive prices.

Prime Poultry Exporters (PPE) distributes frozen chicken, beef, and pork in more than 100 countries around the globe. We work with top frozen chicken brands that sell worldwide such as Seara (JBS SA), Sadia (BRF SA), Super Frango, Pif Paf, Minuano, Minerva Dawn Farms, Marfrig, Lar, Globoaves, Frinal, Doux, Diplomata, C.vale, Cossisa, Copagril, Copacol, Coopavel, Ceu azul Alimentos, Bondlo Alimentos, Big Frango, Aurora, Agroveneta. We deliver our services and products to our customers in food sectors: manufacturers, commodity wholesalers, foodservice distributors, and serving retailers.

We are renowned for being a reliable partner that offers high quality products and brands. We provide a professional service in every aspect of your business, including our packaging, quality control, documentation, logistics and customer service. We offer all of these service with competitive pricing.

Animal processing and products

We manufacture our feed using a proprietary mixture that includes corn, soybean meal, and other grains, and we feed our animals only natural ingredients. We do not use growth hormones of any kind in our farm rations.

The goal of Prime Poultry Exporters

To be the best in all we do, completely focused on our business, ensuring the best products and services to our customers, a relationship of trust with our suppliers, profitability for our shareholders, and the opportunity of a better future for all of our team members.

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